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   Brake Rotors and Drums

Winhere offers a full range of brake rotors and drums with more than 99% coverage of cars, SUVs, light/medium duty trucks on the road. Winhere offers a variety of rotors and drums including high carbon, coated, painted, standard, composite and drilled/slotted. Winhere also has the capability to manufacture and distribute heavy duty truck and high-performance rotors.

   Brake Pads

Winhere offers brake pads that are constantly evolving to meet the needs of the global market. Winhere produces the brake pads under full control of the production process, including material selection verification and specification testing at our dynamometer laboratory.

Commercial Vehicle Brake Pads
  High friction coefficient, wear      resistant, thermal fading resistant;
  Free of asbestos and other hazardous substances, eco-friendly;
  Long service life, low wear to brake disc.
Scorching-Free-Coated Brake Pads
  Effectively reduce thermal fading and improve primary braking performance;
  Multiple options for coating colors, good product appearance.
Semi-Metallic Brake Pads
  A large variety of formulations for various car makes and models;
  Stable friction coefficient;
  Long service life, excellent thermal stability and conductivity.
LOW-MET Brake Pads
  Multiple formulations are optional;
  High friction coefficient, low dust, low noise and suitable for different braking circumstances;
  Economical and comfortable.

Winhere prides itself on supplying its partners with products that are consistently high quality.

Which rotor would your customers want on their vehicle?

        With open wheel sizes only getting bigger, corrosion protection is becoming a more important factor to the installer and consumer. As a leader in the market, Winhere has set the tone…manufacturing a standard rotor, with all visible, non- friction surfaces, coated with a durable gray paint to resist corrosion and keep the “OE” look. We now offer this painted product on our standard product line for applications 2004 and newer. When most manufacturers are selling a painted rotor as a “premium” product, Winhere is now manufacturing a painted rotor (G3000) at a “standard” rotor price to compete with others so called “premium” rotors.

       A Winhere exclusive, ULTRAHC is a true premium, high carbon and coated rotor.

       ULTURA HC rotors are manufactured to exacting standard. The ULTURA HC product line consist of GG15HC Certified High Carbon content which provides the best quality for performance and durability.  

       ULTURA HC brake rotors provide the best performance for today’s driving conditions. Born from racing technology, high carbon rotors come standard on many luxury and high performance vehicle. This high-quality rotor provides better performance and safety for all vehicles under a variety of diving conditions.

       ULTURA HC rotors contain a higher carbon content than standard rotors (G3000) which in turn helps thermal stability. There are many well documented advantages to using high carbon as opposed to standard carbon content (G3000).

       ULTRAHC rotors provide quiet, safe and smooth braking performance with high resistance to judder (pedal pulsation), thermal cracking and brake pedal fade.

       ULTRAHC rotors create a premium aftermarket brake rotor that is proven in its ability to perform under high heat and load.


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