Winhere Was Awarded China Championship Manufacturer

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Winhere Was Awarded China Championship Manufacturer

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of People’s Republic of China and China Federation of Industrial Economics have jointly organized and undertaken a nationwide selection and verification of the championship manufacturer of individual product across China, aiming to cultivate national demonstrated innovative enterprises and world-leading enterprises with global competitiveness and improve the innovation, professionalization and internationalization of Chinese manufacturers so as to boost the healthy development of the entire manufacturing industry.

On Oct. 25th, 2019, Winhere, along with the other award receivers of group four, was honorably awarded China Championship Manufacturer of Individual Product. Totally 257  championship manufacturers of 4 groups have been awarded over the last 2 years since the selection was launched. Winhere believes that this award is the pride of all Winhere people. It is also the great success that Winhere has achieved under the direction of the company philosophy, Quality, Lean and Environment, and more importantly, it is the trust and support of all Winhere customers around the world, regardless customers of OE or aftermarket, that have enabled Winhere to pick up the great honor.


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