Winhere Bartlett DC 2017-2023 18 Million Rotors Sold

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Winhere Bartlett DC 2017-2023 18 Million Rotors Sold

On Friday afternoon, September 22, Winhere Brake Parts, Inc. (WBPI) held a celebration event at its Corporate DC in Bartlett Illinois for brake rotors sales exceeding 18 million units at the warehouse within 6 years.

WBPI relocated its new distribution center to Bartlett, IL in 2017, the DC sales volume of brake rotors and drums is increased every year, especially in recent months in 2023, the average monthly sales exceeded 400,000 units, more and more new part numbers are sold to the aftermarket through the traditional and e-commerce channels at our Bartlett DC. As of that day, the cumulative sales of brake discs at Bartlett DC in the past six years exceeded 18 million units!

The DC sales volume of 18 million units of brake rotors is a great milestone within 6 years. WBPI is playing an important role as auto parts distributor in North America, providing the customers with high-quality brake products, the best service and optimized braking solutions, that is the joint efforts of the company's production, R&D, sales, operations, logistics and other teams, and is a reality the promotion and implementation of Winhere's mission and culture.


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