Successful Participation in Automechanika Shanghai

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 Successful Participation in Automechanika Shanghai

For the first time, Winhere showed up in Automechanika Shanghai 2018 from Nov. 28th to Dec. 1st, unveiling its new brake friction product to the world. The exhibition area of the Show this year has reached 350,000㎡. Over 6,000 exhibitors and 140,000 merchandisers or visitors worldwide have gathered here for potential business opportunities. Above the main entrance of the exhibition hall could be found the colossal advertising board of Winhere which is particularly conspicuous and attractive.


Winhere has a good fame not only for its premium quality brake rotor and brake drum but for its excellent service to the customers. By means of the perfect unification of Winhere brake rotor and brake pads, Winhere is able to realize the sharing of Winhere brake products with all business partners all over the world. Each visitor passing by could not help taking a look at the brake pads and making some comments. By this Show, Winhere has also accomplished the review of 2018 and outlook of 2019 with each customer who dropped a visit, which has laid a solid foundation for Winhere’s greater sales achievement in 2019.


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