Awards Received in China Foundry Association Conventions

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Awards Received in China Foundry Association Conventions

Organized by China Foundry Association, the 20th China International Foundry Exposition and the 18th China Foundry Association Annual Conference have been successfully held in Shanghai from September 19th to September 21st, 2022. Led by Mr. Baozhi Zhang, president of Winhere Auto-Part Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Winhere delegation was also present and won a series of honors.

In the Exposition, a symbolic lightweight composite rotor was showcased on Winhere booth, which was awarded Ultra Premium Casting Ultimate by means of its cutting-edge casting technique. Among all the 200 castings displayed by 140 exhibitors, only 6 picked such a laurel.

In the Annual Conference, multiple sessions of technician reports, entrepreneur dialogues and technical forums have been organized. Mr. Baozhi Zhang was invited to host the session of technician reports while Ms. Yunxia Zheng, Winhere Representative in China Foundry Association, hosted the forum of automotive casting and lightweight technique with the other 800 participants across the country. Apart from the technical exchanges, carbon emission reduction and control from Chinese foundry industry have instigated in the Conference and Winhere was awarded the Industrial Demonstrate Green Foundry by the Association.


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