ACPN Recognizes Winhere with Honors at Annual Conference in Chicago, USA.

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ACPN Recognizes Winhere with Honors at Annual Conference in Chicago, USA.

Winhere Brake Parts, Inc. received two awards at the 2024 Auto Care Connect/ACPN Annual Conference, May 5-8 in Chicago. The ACPN Content Excellence Awards recognizes both companies and individuals for excellence in the content management space. The ACPN company-based awards recognize best in class examples of ACES and PIES data standards use and compliance, as well as electronic cataloging and content in B2C platforms in the aftermarket.

Winhere was honored with the Gold Award for ACES and PIES Data in the Year, Make, Model Applications Only in the Medium Category (50K-250K Applications). The “Best in Class” honor was for content work excellence in support of their full line drums and rotors product group, the company said.

In addition, the Receivers Choice Award was bestowed upon Winhere by WHI Solutions for supplying the highest quality content for not only ACES & PIES, but also digital assets and other customer specific formats. The importance of content integrity, accuracy, timeliness, and completeness for “best practices” were key criteria for being honored, Winhere Brake Parts, Inc. said.

“We want to thank the ACPN/Leadership Council and WHI for this wonderful recognition,” said Doug Labac, vice president sales & marketing. “We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence in supplying the highest quality data and content in the industry in the drums and rotors category. Special thanks to our talented team of catalog, product, and content support experts and great support from crossed departments at Winhere.”


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